Thursday, September 11, 2008

the pilot episode...of sorts

So, here goes. I've always been outspoken, and those who know me would not be surprised that I would finally start a blog. Now, it may be a bit narcissistic of me starting a wood working blog when I really don't have a vast amount of training in fine wood working - my experience has been primarily utilitarian projects through the years. Still, I have a deep love of wood working and am finally at a point in my life where financial and spacial resources have converged, opening the door for me to explore a hobby that I've been interested in since pre-school. Ironically, at the same time there has been a monumental surge in wood working blogs, sites, podcasts, books, and DVDs that has brought years of experience to the inexperienced who thirst for the knowledge that was previously unobtainable to most. We, the lost galoots. We look to conjure, create, and form the sculptures we always knew we could produce. Oh, and make a few things for our families, too.

My intention for this blog is simply a channel to share my journey with all of you. I have a few shop phases to develop, a few hand planes and saws to tune up, and a few projects to toil over. So, let the blogging begin.....

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Vic Hubbard said...

Sweet! I can't wait Mike! Let the ride begin!