Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Wood Whisperer Yak Legacy

Hey everyone. Today in the chat the question about the TWW Yak came up. It's been brought up before and the story is a little long for the chat. So, to tell the story finally and offer up the lists that we came up with I figured I'd offer this post.

In the spring of 2008, the woodwhisperer chat room had one of it's first international visitors - a guy from Bosnia. Those of us on that day thought it was really cool that Marc's site was getting international attention. We also noted an opportunity to mess with Marc, so we toyed with the idea of logging in to a Wednesday night chat session as bogus international personalities. I came up with Chechu, the broken English speaking, woodworking sherpa from Nepal. Chechu was going to have a question about his yak powered lathe. Well, one thing led to another and the talk about the usefulness of a wood working yak started to take off. LordLQQK came up with a yak graphic that looked as if The Woodwhisperer logo was branded on a yak. The lists were next, and the rest has been history.

The Lists:

The Top Uses For a Wood Working Yak:
  • Yak transport stationary tool easily
  • Yak make methane to power shop
  • Yak generate lots of heat to warm shop
  • Yak tail make great strop for sharpening
  • Yak horn make great slip stone to sharpen gouge
  • Yak wool better than steel wool
  • Yak tongue make great tack cloth
  • Yak hoof powder make great buffing compound
  • Yak eat wood scraps and make round MDF pieces for jigs
  • Yak make great dist collector - yak collect dust from everything!

Top Ten Tricks to Play on your Drunken Yak:
  • Play jump rope with yak's tail
  • take naughty photos of yak and put on internet
  • use yak beer farts to start bon fire
  • put on matador hat and run around yelling "torro!"
  • two words: yak love
  • Get "made by powermatic" tatoo
  • put "where's the beef" bumper sticker on yak's butt
  • put sleeping yak in front of a tree and scream "Oh no! we're going to crash!"
  • put yak in cab and tell driver "Yak knows the way"
  • shave TWW logo on yak's side

So there you have it, the Wood Whisperer Yak legacy. In my sidebar you might notice a "Chechu and friends yak luv store" that offers yak tee shirts and such from cafe press. I offered these items at cost - I am not making any profit on them. Enjoy!



Lord LQQK at the WoodSmithy said...

Who is this LordLOOK you speak of?


Michael Marzullo said...

Doh - sorry. I was typing it quickly for a few guys on the chat and misspelled your name. I'll fix it...

Lord LQQK at the WoodSmithy said...

Ain't no thing, just razzing you.