Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is in the air, so, time for an update...

Well, most of you know my best laid plans have gone awry. The holidays resulted in so much demand of my time that the basement project - and, consequently, the shop remodel - have been on hold. Granted, I complicated it all with a new addition to the family - a blonde babe who seems to take up all of my time. Now, I realize you all were on the edge of your seat, waiting for me to complete the basement, and now the depression is setting in because of your bitter disappointment. So sorry.

So, here's the update. I have resumed the basement project and am also starting a stone patio in the backyard. I'm hoping to get them both done in the next month. From that point, it will be peak trout fishing season here in central NY. You know what that means. I will hopefully be working on shop projects during the heat of the summer, in between fishing and hiking excursions. It would be nice to be done with the shop by the Fall, but we'll see. It is still my intention to do a back bevel demo, and possibly redo the plane tune up demo at some point.

Oh, and the maple is dried and ready to work as I had hoped. So, hopefully, you'll see more in the months to come. Now, go make some sawdust in the meantime!

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