Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday update...

So, Jeff was giving me shit today about how my blog postings have been, well, should we say, a little sparse lately. I had been thinking about a lot of stuff before I started, so a number of posts came quickly once I opened up the blog. But, October and November have been very busy for me between a number of work projects and family woodworking projects. And, no, not the "fun" kind of woodworking projects. Mostly utility crap like garden tool racks and such. But there are a few things coming, just in case you thought I gave up on woodworking and was looking to sell off some tools.

I'm planning on putting the band saw through it's paces with it's new woodslicer blade and test how well it resaws. I still plan on finishing the Used Hand plane series by putting you through the steps to clean up and tune up a used hand plane. I'll have some blade comparisons on grandpa's old Stanley Defiance #4 with the stock blade and a hock replacement on the same, cheap plane to really see if the performance is worth the price.

I've moved my shop to a different part of the basement and now have a much better organized space. Once the transformation is finished I'll be taking picks. Then there's the assembly table. And the workbench project. and a number of future tool stands/cabinets.

Then there's a number of books and tools to review - some that I hope to be getting at Christmas, of course :)

So there you have it. I've been lost in the eternal void of too much work, but should be back to my selfish endevors soon!


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woodtreks said...

I'll be waiting to read the next installment of your handplane series. Will that Hock iron make a difference? Keith (